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10 Of The Worst Beauty Looks


Hello and welcome to my blog, on this lovely Wednesday aftertoony-nightime (well, for me at least) I have been inspired to create this blog post of what I personally feel is the worst beauty looks and what may be beckoning fourth the zombie apocalypse:) I do hope you enjoy(:

ooh and P.S. Before we get started I just wanted to give tho a brief reminder of how lazy I was at NOT wanting to take photos of me in the 10 worst looks although it woudve been truly hysterical if I did, I promise next time:)

Now to actually get started:

1) Scruffy Caterpillar Eyebrows

Should be called eyebros more like as this look resembles a man– I should give her credit she pulls it off quite nicely, but probably not the best look for a job interview. This look in my mind is unkempt and not what a woman should have her eyebrows looking like, eyebrows should lie flat on the face it looks a lot smoother and more “finished” if i do say so myself:)

Avoid Scale– 7

How it can be avoided:

There are a load of ways to avoid this eybro disaster with your new best pal’s there names are Eyebrow Razor and Eyebrow Comb if you don’t know how to use one use these directions to help guide you through:)

* Lie the eyebrow comb flat on your eyebrow and with the razor bring it against the comb and go from there, since I’m a frady-cat I don’t like going too close to the hair in fear of razifying too much eyebrow hair off.

You can also avoid eyebros by using vaseline to shape them into place although if you use too much they can look a bit (well, lets be honest here, MORE than a bit) greasy.

2) Cat And Smokey In One Look

Okay so maybe this isn’t exactly classified as Cat and Smokey but I think you might (possibly) get the picture, ey?

Avoid Scale–9

How it can be avoided:

By simply not doing so:)

Tres) Bold Lips And Bold Eye

Ah, bold lips and bold eye this one also has a bonus–Blue Shadow– See so not only does the blue shadow distract from the purpé lipstick but its also too much and your not seeing one feature that stands out but the two main (main? hehe) all at once so it NOT ONLY LOOKS LIKE THIS BUT IT SOUNDS LIKE THIS.

Avoid Scale–10

How it can be avoided:

Focus on one feature of your face if you can’t decide which use your best feature for instance if you can pull off purple lipstick like she can use that and if you must, go super super super neutral with your eyes, whatever you like:)

4) Crimped Hair

Not crimped in my opinion more like fried and she also mixed (combined? hehe) it with straight hair

Avoid Scale– 7-9

How it can be avoided:

This look can be avoided by….hm…..

BUT I do have an alternative if you enjoy it but are tired of the look, you could go for some tight curls, similar and more nice looking (is that even a grammatical correct sentence?)

5) Cake Face

This is the best photo I could find it was either this one or one of Amy Winehouse and I didn’t want to review one of her looks and have ghosts and a wee visit from the grave and besides I do quite enjoy her vocals. But anyways but to my review of caked on foundation five words for you, this is not cake boss .

Avoid Scale– 10 as this looks doesn’t exactly appeal to anyone nor can anyone pull it off

How it can be avoided:

After your done applying foundation take a **soft** rag and in circular motions rub it around or if you’re not a cheapo which I am xD (if you are you are an amazing money saver) you can use your beauty blender

If you wanna avoid an oily nose use a piece of toilet paper and circularly rub this around on your T-zone

6) OVERLY Tanned Skin

As you may or may not have heard of Patrica Krentcil (Krentll?) well now you two are meeting! _____ meet our friend Patrica she enjoys tanning, considers tanning a hobby and is truly addicted you can read about the story here (actually made the news not only for that but for another surprise reason)

Avoid Scale– 10


How it can be avoided:

If you don’t want skin cancer and to magically age 20 years with every 10 and on top of that getting skin cancer I suggest using my favorite makeup artist Scott Barnes’s self tanning lotion which I read about in his book About Face (terrific book just FYI)


7) Chapped Cracky Lips

These babies are never considered even the slightest fashion statement and are by no means “sexy” so try carrying around a lip gloss or chapstick with you:)

Avoid Scale–5-6 I put into consider of those who don’t really have time or forgot or just have problems with chapped lips

How it can be avoided:

Try a lipscrub I can name a few, mix honey with sugar, rub on lips and PRESTO, Use your toothbrush rubbing in circular motions this can be a little rough on the lips  must say, after these two use a lip moisturizer. You can also use vaseline as well:) And if you’re too lazy to make a lip scrub you can buy this one  from Lush (I’ve got this one, we can be lip scrub twins!!)



They’ve got LOADS well maybe three or four flavors but these are great! And are edible too I haven’t had to apply chopstick constantly in months! Definitely a great buy!

8) Natural Hair Roots Poking Out Of Overly Dyed Hair

Tsk Tsk Tsk nothing natural about these sugar shack

Avoid Scale- 8-10

How it can be avoided:

Either don’t dye your hair or keep on constantly dying it but never let it grow out on its own trust me it’ll take a while for that to come into ombre hair

9) Eyebrowless Trend

It seems as though when you’re subtracting eyebrows not only are you doing that but your also taking away emotion and definition of the face.

Avoid Scale– 9-10

How it can be avoided:

Either you can or can’t pull it off thats one way to look at it or decide

9 1/2) Tattooed On Eyebrows

Do you see what I mean? Do you see what I mean? There should be no other words to describe this picture other than don’t take the risk!

Avoid scale– 8-10 Although some people are able to pull this off…

How it can be avoided:

Try to think of an alternative, reshaping them eyebrows(?) Filling them in(?)

10) ALL (well most) Of These Looks Put Together

For this last one for your own enjoyment I decided to provide you with a multitude of photos  well, just three really.

Avoid Scale–100

How it can be avoided:

Accept yourself as you truly then and only then will you find a happy medium and be content my young padawan.

Hope you enjoyed todays post!~ Sorry it ran long:) and did you notice most of them were about eyebrows? haha:)

See you later ❤