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Men Menu Of The Year!


Why hello there fellow wordpresser(: Before I take you into a whole new era of dericous Men Menu I wanted to review a product dupe that doesn’t really have anything to do with this post other than men and the new guy at my gym who resembles Old Glory (otherwise known as… Captain ‘Merica). So lets begin this review/dupe shall we?

A few days ago (more like 2-4 weeks ago…close enough) I went to go see The Avengers and it was hot but not because I was in a room with a massive screen with the toastiest guys in all Hollywood (well, probably lets be honest here) and not because of the 90+ temperature but because I was wearing my new Revlon Just Bitten Lovesick sister to Clinique Chubby Sticks. Confession! I swiped my Revlon magic on and didn’t even think to think (that was not a typo my friend) that I would have popcorn and drink in the Theatre and didn’t take my stain with me! Craziness! BUT this stayed on throughout the entire film, and then through realization I remembered it was a stain and that was its job I just wanted to say though that these are nicely pigmented and are great for parties and a little screen time with all those Avengers, whew!

Now to the real deal (insert the question of–Whats on the Men Menu for today?–) Ive decided I cannot possibly be able to devise them into a long list counting down from 18-1 with their attractiveness in mind (which is confusing/troubling and hurts my head wee bit to be rather frank with you) so Im being a lazy bum and am ranking them instead I know, I know party pooper much, ey? :

1) Chris Evans

Why hello there Sir Evans, you have some serious muscular madness going on there but your friend Chris Hemsworth beats you out just by a few points (we’ll get to him in a second) instead of lecturing on why I have a such great fondness for his face I must say I do quite enjoy his back-in-the-day vibe and classy values he also has a really nice profile.

I dub thee an 8-9

2) Chris Hemsworth

You know a scruffy face really does suit him he should keep it that way:) He has very pleasing abs and a very rich Australian accent and reminds me of a golden retriever five words for your troubles: Thats a lot of man

Rating: 10

3) Tom Hiddleston

AH BAH! Probably my most desired out of all these men he can sing, dance, rap, act and can do kick grass impressions and he can do them all without flaw, he’s an intellectual thinker and to top it off is incredibly toasty. He seems like the type of guy I’d creepily follow around and he’d never notice me until I would be doing something truly idiotic as in falling on my face while passing him and of course he’d just be the type to help me up but I’d crack up and fangirl and ruin EVERYTHING haha:)

Rating: 10

4) Aaron Johnson

I know its a young peecture but its cute:) Anyone ever seen Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging? He’s in it(: and he’s looking rather toasty, with his brunn hair and sweet voice and then the mustache appeared.

Rating: 9

5) Christian Kane

Hes in the TV show Leverage, theres just something so Thor-like about him probably his long hair. I like to refer to him as Blondie cause I’m always forgetting his name xD

Rating: 8

6) Shemar Moore

Those eyes… I mean THEYRE BROWN yet so refreshing and gawjus its incredible…. O.O …

Is it weird he makes me hungry for chocolate?

Rating: 10

7) Matthew Gray Gubler

Whats not to love about a semi-nerdy man holding a puppy? He’s so adorably nerdy ❤

Rating: 10

8) Matthew Hussey

This man… hes cute, ey?:) I don’t really have much to say except……

Those beautiful eyes that could light a sunset, his voice like a thousand sonatas at once echoing into my mind over and over again!

Sorry for that I really just had to, ya know? I just haven’t really provided a explanation for them, should I keep up the cheesy narrating?

Rating: 8-9

9) Diego Luna

Oh yes, the movie he was in Dirty Dancing Havana Nights made me want to meet a cute Cuban boy and have him teach me how to dance:) ah, one can only dream…(:

Rating: 8-9

10) Paul Mccarteny

*sighs dreamily* “Look at those seductive eyes!” Said my best friend Kayla whilst staring at this picture, you’ve just read my  mind 🙂 Ive got something REAALLL personal to tell you, its embarrassing, but lets get it out in the open the first time I ever saw a picture of Paul Mccarteny and The Beatles I thought he was the cutest thing EVER and now to the confessing, he was my first crush in my entire lifetime ha!:)

Rating: 10

11) Channing Tatum

Suddenly I feel so conformist, but-but… LOOK AT HIS HAIR LOOK AT HIS EYES LOOK AT HIS FAACCEE! >.< haha:)


12) Bradley Cooper


Right up there with Sir Hiddles and Matthew Gray Gubler

Rating: Perfect 10

13) Viggo Mortenson

Did anyone else see Lord Of The Rings? Ah:) He was born to play Aragorn *insert long dreamy sigh*

Rating: 10

14) Orlando Bloom

O.O ❤

Rating: 10

15) Dallas Harder

I swear he’s like permanently photoshopped or something, he’s absolute perfection he’s one of those guys who you’re annoyed are gay, but he’s just so sweet and adorable and cutie pants 🙂

Rating: 10

16) King Faisal’s Grandson Who’s Name I Do Not Know

Awe:) Look at him in his little sweater innocently looking away(:

Rating: 10

17) Imran Abbas

So…cute… hehe:)

Rating: 10

18) Joseph Gordon levitt

*hums happily* This is actually a really good picture (not that I don’t know things about photography) the colors contrast nicely and the colors really seem to explode…. BUT back to this mans wonderful face, he almost reminds me of Heath Ledger.

Rating: 9

Ah, finally we are all wrapped up like the way they wrap the tinfoil of the burritos at Chipotle, I could really use some of that now, now that I mention it…. Weren’t these men all so attractive?!(: It blows my mind! Who was your favorite? ^_^

Hope you enjoyed todays post!

~Lexi (: