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How To Stop A Man In His Tracks With A Single Glance


FORGIIIVVEE MEEE!!! I have put this off far too long, ey? I am really really sorry but like all do I deserve an explanation? Perhaps… –BUT– I do promise a blog post for this week so be prepared for a MASSIVE lexilush overload if I do say so myself:) Before we get to the topic of the day I wanted to give you my explanation of my over-three-week prolonged absence but before I do so I have an excuse to back up this excuse I just spent so much time of my absence trying to think up an excuse and I just got so caught up in life that I almost totally let myself go… that wasn’t very good was it? I do apologize though *bows down and pleads for mercy* but before you get out the angry villagers, pitchforks, sharp objects and fire I want to get to the topic of the day! Cheers! This calls for a rather intensified, glorious intro am I right? As you can see in the title I have provided you with it says “How To Stop A Man In His Tracks With A Single Glance” and your probably thinking, “WHAT? Lexi! No one on the face of EARTH could ever excel to such a thing!” Right?

Wrong, in fact I’ve done it, Sayuri and  traditional japanese Geisha have and even some women in modern day times. In this blog post Ill be teaching you how to basically attract a man with your shirt on not only that but with your eyes. Looks don’t exactly matter at this point–granted the way you look at him. Ill be referencing Memoirs Of A Geisha a lot in this post so prepare yourself. Now to begin!

Step 1) This is the first step and possibly the most troubling (well, for me that is) :

* Make sure he is looking at you and I don’t mean just a wee glance here and then back to whatever he could have been possibly been doing a few seconds ago. A full on look. Now this shouldn’t take you but 1-3 seconds to understand that he’s full on looking at you gazing if not, we shall call this man who is looking at you stare “The Look Of Interest” who about them apples?

* Got that section of part one down? Good, now *Tip* If you can, and can do this quickly (lets say within a matter of seconds check to see if his pupils are dilated, an open face (as in eyebrows going up and dropping down, slightly opened mouth, wider eyes)

* Second section of le first step: Make sure you and him are going to pass each other all this evaluation should be done when you are about 5-7 feet away

Step 2) After you’re down with step-o one-o look down at your feet until you see his feet about 1-2 feet away

Step 3) Now time to face the music! *intense atmosphere, insert Mission Impossible or Indiana Jones theme music here* Look up at him a slightly prolonged glance should be from 1-4 seconds

* Second section of third step: Look down at your feet once again but insert a coy smile into play here, if this was a movie or book this would be the climax of the entire film or book. *Tip* Like your reflecting on a good memory or think of something like “I wanna lick hot fudge out of your belly button” whatever face either one gives you then do that, rock on with yo bad self!

And if this video helps as a veideological reference then please use this!

Psssstttt if you wanna see the glance she give him its 4:15 try to mimic the glance in the mirror until you feel you’ve gotten it down well:)

Now my young padawan I want YOU to seek out a target and use this glancing method, it takes time so don’t sweat it(: Everything takes time and everyone had to start somewhere even Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Scott Barnes you catch my drift?:)

Randomo (well not so random tips) Tips :

* If it helps when your glancing upwards pull a Princess Diana and tilt your head down as Sayuri did in the clip, it makes you look even more likable, attractive and makes men want to protect you (which is a good thing) and also makes you appear innocent

* Its really all in the eyes and once you understand that you’ll become a master eye-glance-giver

And that my friend is how we get and attract a man, on your feet; not off them… except for that guy in the clip he sort of fell off his bike but alas…

I hope you enjoyed todays post:) You’ll do amazing! And if you like you can tell me your result(s), and if something like that bike incident happened I would love to hear about it:) And if i missed anything or if you have any questions holla at me sista fraannd:) hehe(:


The Road to Womanhood Sonata #1


Hello and happy happy Friday! I have decided to create a series of unfortunate events erm… or series of fortunate events more so, these series of fortunate events will conclude of us braiding our hair and gabbing about American Idol (10 points to the first person who can figure out where that line is from) in all seriousness this new blog era will have a woman of the month, a superwoman mask of the month (with some hidden meaning of how i think the month has gone, ha!) random odd beauty tips and last but not least little ways to make yourself know and understand that yes indeed we can all feel beautiful in our own secretive ways:) So, to kick off this new little monthly event this new The Road to Womanhood will be our Sonata #1 (Sonata just sounds so much more cute than event or section) Month #1 of June! Cheers!

Woman Of The Month:

Nitta Sayuri

Sure, she’s a fictional character but you’ve got to give her credit not only was she able to stop a man in his tracks with a single glance but she became one of the most desired Geishas of her time, she withheld beauty, charm, poetic sense and depth of perception but she was also a very clever lady. At the moment I would label her as the ideal woman. You should read it, that is Memoirs of a Geisha its amazing and intense my all time favorite part of the whole book and movie was the part where Mameha was training her how to be a Geisha (this was the final step to becoming a Geisha I might add) which was full on stoping a man in his tracks with a single glance, if you haven’t seen the movie or read the book ill give you a link to the my all-time favorite part!

Look at 4:38 this part is so hilarious (well for me) because the movie is all serious and intense-like an then next thing ya know she gets this guy to literally fall for her and not to mention the killer crash landing into a moving cart with chickens and a vegetable stand! If you were to much of a meanie pants to watch the video that i have ever so graciously provided your with that was the moment in a nutshell, no i have to admit its not that funny in type BUT if you watch it i guarantee you will be amused…or at least i was:) And on my next blog post since i don’t want this one to run long ill teach you how to do just what our friend Sayuri did; the impossible otherwise known as stopping a man in his tracks with a single  glance its pretty easy got it on my second try(: oh and i might also add… with little makeup on.

Unmasking Le Mask Of The Month

Ah, june, naughty naughty there you go again making us be halfway through the month already, inconceivable! … breezy and convenient which  perfectly explains the mask of the month (see what I did there? funny, ey?) introducing… EL CONCOMBRE MASQUE (thats the cucumber in Spanish… all I know is that the last part there is in French) This mask is just as the description inconceivably moisturizing and refining, breezy feeling even when the mask is on! and perfectly convenient especially for Winter i personally highly recommend this mask for people with normal, combination and sensitive skin. A mask brand that I’ve been using lately is Freemans Cucumber Peel-Off Mask 16oz+-(or 6 fl oz…) of pure joy which you can get at your local wal-mart, tesco, albertsons, kroger or whatever local store or drugstore is near you. These babies range for different prices from as low as (the baby package) $1.37-$6.49(The bottle or tube or whatever) I have to admit though the first time I used it I really was not impressed although I did seem to enjoy the cleaning inside and out feeling that gave me the sam breezy feeling that Witch Hazel (hehe kinda sounds halloweeny, ey?) gave me. If you’re open for the buy ill have the link ready for you pronto!

This is the one I bought:) They’ll  give you it for a fair price but then again shipping etc. it would just be easier to get at your local drugstore(: That is, in my opinion but alas:

Los Randomos Beauty Tips and Beauty Do’s and Facts:

When creating a magnificent smile do try pursing your lips together and making the octopus noise “Oi, oi” <– That is crazy but totally works if your trying out for a more flattering smile without  it coming  off as overkill another tip to go along with this tip is as your saying “oi, oi” sort of smile at the same time

If your up for this (and if you can do, which i could not succeed for the third day at least) when you wake up in the morning within the first 10-30 minutes to get your digestive system in track and such be sure to drink at least one cup of water this will not only help you to maintain a slim figure but also to wake up properly

Did you know (non scented) PAM cooking spray makes your skin look dewy but not greasy, you may be thinking now “Lexi, are you seriously suggesting to spray cooking spray on our innocent, pure bodies?” yes, yes indeed now back to what I was saying after a good tan or shower spray a light layer over your body then PRESTO CHANGEO! Your skin looks dewy and shiny. I wouldn’t recommend spraying this on your skin if you have oily skin, not a good idea.

I hope you enjoyed todays post!:) See you next month with Sonata #2!

Beauty Pop! …Literally


Summer is here! Exams are over! Now time to kick back hit the beaches, clubs and friends–oh wait summer time is my time to curl up and sleep until 12:30 having watched Lord Of The Rings while playing World of Warcraft all the while on stumble upon hitting up on all my favorite beauty blogs:) Ah, summertime(: But back to the point, what i wanted to talk to you guys about today was something new, well new for me at least i came up with the idea while thinking up fun frozen treaties for myself, well at least i’d like to think i came up with the idea but here we go!

Not only are these lovelies fun to make and fun to eat BUT they also supply nice antioxidant build and are brilliant to cool off with. I give you *____Insert drumroll here___* ICE FACE BEAUTY QUEEN POPS i haven’t exactly thought up a clear name yet but lets just call them beauty pops then, ey? You’re probably wondering how and what these babies do ill give you a wee internet tutorial in 5….4….3….2….1….

What you need to make the nectar of the Gods (Even though ambrosia is infact the nectar of the Gods…):

1 Glass jar or just mixing bowl with a dip that allows liquids to flow out effortlessly

1+ toothpicks depending on how much beauty pops you’re making

1-2+ tin cuppies once again depending on how much you’re making, I’m only making two:)

1-2+ Measuring Cups (Optional)

1+ Tea of Choice

Now we have what we need, Time to face the music!(:

Step Uno

Pour boiling water in glass jar and add tea bag

*Random Fact That I Did Not Know At One Point* Apparently hot water helps to release the flavors and tea leaves so, use hot water

Step Two

Now this part is TOTALLY optional, but this is the part where we add a little skin medicine, I’m adding 1tbs of honey to help moisturize and enlighten my skin, but you can add whatever you like everything down (or up?) from lemon juice to vitamin D supplement

Step Three

Pour out tea from the glass jar and into little tins and add toothpicks to the wee tins:) You can just drink the rest of the tea or save it for later

Step Four

Off to the freezer with you!!

Step Five

I know, I know, this is the part where things get awkward during these 5-7 hours I typically forget I even put them in the freezer! But what I do to kill some time is to sleep, considering i do these at night and sleep until (well, naturally) I wake up so while you are waiting Ill help give you ideas for some entertainment, Read a book, If you read body language (Like I) you could always put in a movie, turn off the volume and use their body language to guess whats going on and how their feeling:) OR You could make some other beauty funness, or try <– The best place EVER

Step Six

Its morning now *yawns* well, for me at least:) And now we pop those babies out of the freezer and warm them up in the palms of our hands this helps to loosen up the frozen tea

Step Seven

Now that we’ve warmed them up (this is the part where things get saucy)use the toothpick to spin them around until it gets warm enough to pull out. Now the part we’ve ALL been waiting for, *Caution* Will be very cold i have to admit these do take some getting use to but they are infact worth it:) Pick up….well pull out the nectar of the gods with the tooth pick you have ever so gracefully inserted into the tea mix and rub the tea in circular motions around thy face:) I love love this ice facial because not only does it close pores it nourishes and replenishes the most amazing thing about it though is its greatness also varies with what you mix it in with wether it be vitamin D or honey or milk it all has/does different effects especially for different skin types for oily skin you might use honey or just plain green tea while for dry skin you use honey or vitamin E or D with green tea:) and for acne prone skin you can use vitamin E, honey and advil, look at all the possibilities!:) Have fun(: