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How To Stop A Man In His Tracks With A Single Glance


FORGIIIVVEE MEEE!!! I have put this off far too long, ey? I am really really sorry but like all do I deserve an explanation? Perhaps… –BUT– I do promise a blog post for this week so be prepared for a MASSIVE lexilush overload if I do say so myself:) Before we get to the topic of the day I wanted to give you my explanation of my over-three-week prolonged absence but before I do so I have an excuse to back up this excuse I just spent so much time of my absence trying to think up an excuse and I just got so caught up in life that I almost totally let myself go… that wasn’t very good was it? I do apologize though *bows down and pleads for mercy* but before you get out the angry villagers, pitchforks, sharp objects and fire I want to get to the topic of the day! Cheers! This calls for a rather intensified, glorious intro am I right? As you can see in the title I have provided you with it says “How To Stop A Man In His Tracks With A Single Glance” and your probably thinking, “WHAT? Lexi! No one on the face of EARTH could ever excel to such a thing!” Right?

Wrong, in fact I’ve done it, Sayuri and  traditional japanese Geisha have and even some women in modern day times. In this blog post Ill be teaching you how to basically attract a man with your shirt on not only that but with your eyes. Looks don’t exactly matter at this point–granted the way you look at him. Ill be referencing Memoirs Of A Geisha a lot in this post so prepare yourself. Now to begin!

Step 1) This is the first step and possibly the most troubling (well, for me that is) :

* Make sure he is looking at you and I don’t mean just a wee glance here and then back to whatever he could have been possibly been doing a few seconds ago. A full on look. Now this shouldn’t take you but 1-3 seconds to understand that he’s full on looking at you gazing if not, we shall call this man who is looking at you stare “The Look Of Interest” who about them apples?

* Got that section of part one down? Good, now *Tip* If you can, and can do this quickly (lets say within a matter of seconds check to see if his pupils are dilated, an open face (as in eyebrows going up and dropping down, slightly opened mouth, wider eyes)

* Second section of le first step: Make sure you and him are going to pass each other all this evaluation should be done when you are about 5-7 feet away

Step 2) After you’re down with step-o one-o look down at your feet until you see his feet about 1-2 feet away

Step 3) Now time to face the music! *intense atmosphere, insert Mission Impossible or Indiana Jones theme music here* Look up at him a slightly prolonged glance should be from 1-4 seconds

* Second section of third step: Look down at your feet once again but insert a coy smile into play here, if this was a movie or book this would be the climax of the entire film or book. *Tip* Like your reflecting on a good memory or think of something like “I wanna lick hot fudge out of your belly button” whatever face either one gives you then do that, rock on with yo bad self!

And if this video helps as a veideological reference then please use this!

Psssstttt if you wanna see the glance she give him its 4:15 try to mimic the glance in the mirror until you feel you’ve gotten it down well:)

Now my young padawan I want YOU to seek out a target and use this glancing method, it takes time so don’t sweat it(: Everything takes time and everyone had to start somewhere even Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Scott Barnes you catch my drift?:)

Randomo (well not so random tips) Tips :

* If it helps when your glancing upwards pull a Princess Diana and tilt your head down as Sayuri did in the clip, it makes you look even more likable, attractive and makes men want to protect you (which is a good thing) and also makes you appear innocent

* Its really all in the eyes and once you understand that you’ll become a master eye-glance-giver

And that my friend is how we get and attract a man, on your feet; not off them… except for that guy in the clip he sort of fell off his bike but alas…

I hope you enjoyed todays post:) You’ll do amazing! And if you like you can tell me your result(s), and if something like that bike incident happened I would love to hear about it:) And if i missed anything or if you have any questions holla at me sista fraannd:) hehe(:


How To Tell A Douche Bag From A Clean Guy


There are so so so so so so so many beautiful girls being wasted on douchbaggery jerks so i have devised these beautiful symptoms of something most guys (where i live) suffer from:

1. Saggery in the baggery: Keep your eyes peeled! Im not saying that every guy who bags his jeans is a douchebag but if its this one and about 3-the  rest of them more then and only then is he suffering from douchebaggeria.

2. Backwards hat: If his hat is backwards his life be backwards guurl hehe:)

3. The trade mark docuhebag glasses

4. Tan tan tan tan skin like the type in Jersey Shore

5. GIGANTOR muscles that he enjoys flexing when he takes picture of himself

6. Gold chain

7. Beats: The bigger the beats, the bigger the douche as my phrase goes

8. Pierced/ studded ears (this is a major symptom and most common at that)

9. If he CANNOT speak english, *Sorry if you do not do profound words ALERT ALERT*


$0 1 $@W D1$ 81TcH @yynd 1 w@zz LyKK d@yyuumm GuRlll! D@tt iZ 1 Fyynne 81Tch!


So, I saw this bitch and i was like,”DAMN GIRL!” ” That is one fine bitch!”

10. If he calls you his bitch: you are a woman or a young lady, don’t give your feelings to a guy who almost feels none.

Douche bag glasses, Gold chain, Tan Skin, Shirt Off, Duck Face, Money In The Hand, Da Two GUUURLZ, Pose, Gun, Tequila, Head Phones Around Neck, Partial Saggery In The Baggery, This poor lad suffers from 12 symptoms.

I hope this list will help you evaluate and clear anything that has been troubling you:) And PLEASE don’t fall for ANY of that.

P.S. Ohh! And do tell me if i forgot anything:)