The Road To Womanhood Sonata #2


Hello fellow bloggers:) Today will be our second Road To Womanhood but this time…..of July! Ive decided to start doing these on the 16th of every month so brace yourselves!

To get this new month kicked off, in your textbooks please flip to page 394:

Woman Of Le Month:

Florence Welch

Bow down before her goddessey voice and classy vibes! Lord I love her vocals! The reason why I have chosen Ms.Florence Welch is basically what I chose to describe her earlier to be quite frank. When she speaks she has the voice of a similar to that of a creek but when she sings she sounds like an Angel….thats not a very good speaking of how powerful her voice is…hm…. her voice is powerful comparable to that of a thunder, thats a HUGE difference people! From the sound of a babbling (bubbling? bebbling?) brook to the sound of thunder! I really wanted to choose a picture that truly captured the essence of her goddessy soul:)

Lets Unmask The Mask Of The Month Shall We?

WAAAHHH JULLYYY where are you taking us?? Can you guys believe it? Halfway through the month already! To me this month was slightly dull, with its surprises, distresses and will (most likely) have a kick-grass end, how does this intertwine with the mask of the month? I shall tell you, when your skin has new surprises and distresses this mask is your new best friend! Which has quite a lovely kick-grass end! But this also has a secret thats known to you, you can find it in your cupboard or pantry introducing……..

Honey! You guessed it!

When your skin decides to have its own mental breakdown this mask automatically becomes your new best friend, I do have to admit though results don’t show up until about 3-5 days but its totally worth it! The recipe for the recipe for this mask you mask ask? Tis simple my friend and very, very effective:

Needed Items:

* Small glass jar or microwaveable safe container

* Foundation brush or new barely used paint brush


Vhat To Do (no that “vhat” was not a typo) :

* Pour about a quarter size amount of honey into the jar or bowl or whatever

* Pop the jar with honey into the microwave for 10-14 seconds (I put mine in for 12)

* Take out the jar and now with your brush, dip it in and paint on your face! WARNING** May be hot and drippy!

* Leave on for 10-30 minutes and wash off!

Like I said follow this process  every day and within a span of 3-5 days you’ll notice a difference:) This mask is perfect for all skin types as this nourishes, eliminates blemishes and fine lines, leaves skin smooth and supple, prevents dehydration, treats wounds, sores and burns, restores damaged skin, helps to fight aging. And if you’re wondering honey is safe for sensitive or irritated skin(: Have fun!:)

Beauty Tips, Facts And Do’s And Don’ts:

The type of earrings a man gives you is what he thinks about you

Want to plump your lips? Wet your lips and dab a bit of cinnamon on them, this is the quickest remedy for lip plumping I know of!

Using unscented deodorant on an undesirable face is a tried and true trick of the Red Carpet Lightly apply the deodorant on a clean face with a foundation brush to areas that tend to bead with sweat (under the eyes, the chin and around the nose) Afterward continue with your typical putting on the face ritual

Spraying your perfume on the back of head helps to have your scent stay in the room when you’re walking out

Hope you enjoyed todays post! 🙂 See you next month with Sonata Number Three!





About lexilush

hello(: and welcome to my profile! To get this started off ill tell you what i blog about and who i am. In my blog body, beauty, boys when i say body i don't mean fitness I'm sorry if that has mislead you but i mean it in a more cheesy girl-to-girl manner, when i say beauty, i mean DIY's, cool new products, creative nerd-like ways to do something, and last but not least when i say boys GAH the very thought... I'm not even boy-lingual yet! Summing it all up I'm going to give you advice, tips and experiences:) And if you want if you're comfortable with me enough, you can ask for something on a more person level something i might not have covered, message me, email me, Facebook me , whatever(: and tell me about something you need input on,advice, little tips, id be happy to help(: I promise i won't share it, only if you ask. Part of being professional is the guarantee you can make anyone beautiful. Innttrroooooo(: hello! bonjour! ciao! My full name is LexAndria even with that odd 'a' in the middle! I love make up wizardry, making people beautiful enhancing their features not covering them up. I love music i play the guitar, viola, violin, keyboard, piano, flute and i sing BUT keep I'm mind just cause i play all of those doesn't mean I'm good:) I love the rain, meeting new people, walking, nature, nutella, carbs (HUGE fan of the carbs) and lord of the rings:) Talk to me(: Don't be anti social, like i said email me, Facebook me even if you just want a simply awkward conversation hook me up sista!(: hehe:) Well, ask me anything, contact me ^_^

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