Beauty Pop! …Literally


Summer is here! Exams are over! Now time to kick back hit the beaches, clubs and friends–oh wait summer time is my time to curl up and sleep until 12:30 having watched Lord Of The Rings while playing World of Warcraft all the while on stumble upon hitting up on all my favorite beauty blogs:) Ah, summertime(: But back to the point, what i wanted to talk to you guys about today was something new, well new for me at least i came up with the idea while thinking up fun frozen treaties for myself, well at least i’d like to think i came up with the idea but here we go!

Not only are these lovelies fun to make and fun to eat BUT they also supply nice antioxidant build and are brilliant to cool off with. I give you *____Insert drumroll here___* ICE FACE BEAUTY QUEEN POPS i haven’t exactly thought up a clear name yet but lets just call them beauty pops then, ey? You’re probably wondering how and what these babies do ill give you a wee internet tutorial in 5….4….3….2….1….

What you need to make the nectar of the Gods (Even though ambrosia is infact the nectar of the Gods…):

1 Glass jar or just mixing bowl with a dip that allows liquids to flow out effortlessly

1+ toothpicks depending on how much beauty pops you’re making

1-2+ tin cuppies once again depending on how much you’re making, I’m only making two:)

1-2+ Measuring Cups (Optional)

1+ Tea of Choice

Now we have what we need, Time to face the music!(:

Step Uno

Pour boiling water in glass jar and add tea bag

*Random Fact That I Did Not Know At One Point* Apparently hot water helps to release the flavors and tea leaves so, use hot water

Step Two

Now this part is TOTALLY optional, but this is the part where we add a little skin medicine, I’m adding 1tbs of honey to help moisturize and enlighten my skin, but you can add whatever you like everything down (or up?) from lemon juice to vitamin D supplement

Step Three

Pour out tea from the glass jar and into little tins and add toothpicks to the wee tins:) You can just drink the rest of the tea or save it for later

Step Four

Off to the freezer with you!!

Step Five

I know, I know, this is the part where things get awkward during these 5-7 hours I typically forget I even put them in the freezer! But what I do to kill some time is to sleep, considering i do these at night and sleep until (well, naturally) I wake up so while you are waiting Ill help give you ideas for some entertainment, Read a book, If you read body language (Like I) you could always put in a movie, turn off the volume and use their body language to guess whats going on and how their feeling:) OR You could make some other beauty funness, or try <– The best place EVER

Step Six

Its morning now *yawns* well, for me at least:) And now we pop those babies out of the freezer and warm them up in the palms of our hands this helps to loosen up the frozen tea

Step Seven

Now that we’ve warmed them up (this is the part where things get saucy)use the toothpick to spin them around until it gets warm enough to pull out. Now the part we’ve ALL been waiting for, *Caution* Will be very cold i have to admit these do take some getting use to but they are infact worth it:) Pick up….well pull out the nectar of the gods with the tooth pick you have ever so gracefully inserted into the tea mix and rub the tea in circular motions around thy face:) I love love this ice facial because not only does it close pores it nourishes and replenishes the most amazing thing about it though is its greatness also varies with what you mix it in with wether it be vitamin D or honey or milk it all has/does different effects especially for different skin types for oily skin you might use honey or just plain green tea while for dry skin you use honey or vitamin E or D with green tea:) and for acne prone skin you can use vitamin E, honey and advil, look at all the possibilities!:) Have fun(:


About lexilush

hello(: and welcome to my profile! To get this started off ill tell you what i blog about and who i am. In my blog body, beauty, boys when i say body i don't mean fitness I'm sorry if that has mislead you but i mean it in a more cheesy girl-to-girl manner, when i say beauty, i mean DIY's, cool new products, creative nerd-like ways to do something, and last but not least when i say boys GAH the very thought... I'm not even boy-lingual yet! Summing it all up I'm going to give you advice, tips and experiences:) And if you want if you're comfortable with me enough, you can ask for something on a more person level something i might not have covered, message me, email me, Facebook me , whatever(: and tell me about something you need input on,advice, little tips, id be happy to help(: I promise i won't share it, only if you ask. Part of being professional is the guarantee you can make anyone beautiful. Innttrroooooo(: hello! bonjour! ciao! My full name is LexAndria even with that odd 'a' in the middle! I love make up wizardry, making people beautiful enhancing their features not covering them up. I love music i play the guitar, viola, violin, keyboard, piano, flute and i sing BUT keep I'm mind just cause i play all of those doesn't mean I'm good:) I love the rain, meeting new people, walking, nature, nutella, carbs (HUGE fan of the carbs) and lord of the rings:) Talk to me(: Don't be anti social, like i said email me, Facebook me even if you just want a simply awkward conversation hook me up sista!(: hehe:) Well, ask me anything, contact me ^_^

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