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Makeup Utensils In An Art Store?


Yes, Yes, Yes! You can get good quality brushes at an art store! The same quality, professional-like equality as a Sephora brush.

But you should become familiar with the brushes first as in when you’re looking for them in an art store I’m not saying you should go all the way and purchase an entirely new collection of makeup paint brushes…but thats near to the idea. When choosing your new brush, touch the bristles look at the handle make sure its good quality and if you don’t know what good quality in a paint brush is, ill tell you what to look for: thick bristles, a good handle that won’t break, make sure the brush isn’t too plasticy.

A Painter Sees Paint Brushes A Makeup Artist Sees Makeup Brushes

I personally can’t see much of a difference i mean you’ve got a fan brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush, concealer brush, and foundation brushes. Im not saying that the Art Store will carry a lot of the other essentials (Stippling brush, blush brush, contour brush etc.) but they are pretty darn close, ey?

Well, whats your opinion on the whole paint brushes as makeup brushes? I think its a pretty sweet deal(: Ive already purchased a very good quality fan brush, powder brush and a swooped eyeliner brush hehe:)


How To Tell A Douche Bag From A Clean Guy


There are so so so so so so so many beautiful girls being wasted on douchbaggery jerks so i have devised these beautiful symptoms of something most guys (where i live) suffer from:

1. Saggery in the baggery: Keep your eyes peeled! Im not saying that every guy who bags his jeans is a douchebag but if its this one and about 3-the  rest of them more then and only then is he suffering from douchebaggeria.

2. Backwards hat: If his hat is backwards his life be backwards guurl hehe:)

3. The trade mark docuhebag glasses

4. Tan tan tan tan skin like the type in Jersey Shore

5. GIGANTOR muscles that he enjoys flexing when he takes picture of himself

6. Gold chain

7. Beats: The bigger the beats, the bigger the douche as my phrase goes

8. Pierced/ studded ears (this is a major symptom and most common at that)

9. If he CANNOT speak english, *Sorry if you do not do profound words ALERT ALERT*


$0 1 $@W D1$ 81TcH @yynd 1 w@zz LyKK d@yyuumm GuRlll! D@tt iZ 1 Fyynne 81Tch!


So, I saw this bitch and i was like,”DAMN GIRL!” ” That is one fine bitch!”

10. If he calls you his bitch: you are a woman or a young lady, don’t give your feelings to a guy who almost feels none.

Douche bag glasses, Gold chain, Tan Skin, Shirt Off, Duck Face, Money In The Hand, Da Two GUUURLZ, Pose, Gun, Tequila, Head Phones Around Neck, Partial Saggery In The Baggery, This poor lad suffers from 12 symptoms.

I hope this list will help you evaluate and clear anything that has been troubling you:) And PLEASE don’t fall for ANY of that.

P.S. Ohh! And do tell me if i forgot anything:)